You have visited the FirmEquity blog. FirmEquity is a law firm in Chicago, Illinois and you can visit our homepage to learn more about hiring us to represent you.

We pride ourselves on representing regular people and small businesses.

We work with clients to create fee agreements that suit their situation. We offer flat-rate billing to allow clients to better able predict their total cost for a case. We can also work on a more traditional hourly basis when the matter has an uncertain duration. We do accept some plaintiff cases on a contingency fee, such that we only get paid if we obtain a favorable outcome for you. We pride ourselves in being attorneys that can craft creative and alternative resolutions to complex legal situations.

FirmEquity offers a variety of payment options. We accept cash, check, credit cards online via PayPal, credit cards in-person via Square, and Chase Quickpay. We also offer payment plans in some instances.

Billy and Ben use technology to create efficiency and lower costs for clients. As an example, we use web-based legal research tools that give us instant access to any case or law, rather than slowly browsing a dusty bookshelf of legal tomes.

We look forward to representing you and to delivering justice to you.

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