Now Accepting Bitcoin (and Litecoin)


FirmEquity is excited to announce that we are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for our legal services. Given that many of our clients are tech savvy individuals and startups, it makes sense for us to be one of a growing number of companies accepting Bitcoin as a payment.

We have not yet created a wallet to be able to accept Litecoin, but we will do so if it is a form of payment you wish to use.

If you are curious about paying for legal services in Bitcoin or Litecoin, send an email to for more information.

How Much Should You Pay an Attorney to Settle a BitTorrent Case?


Our firm has represented around 200 John Does in BitTorrent cases over the past year and a half. I have tried to keep our rates reasonable during that time. If you are looking for a BitTorrent defense attorney, I hope you will consider retaining FirmEquity, however, if you choose another firm I have some advice.

In order to settle these cases, it does take a few hours of billable time, especially if a lot of negotiation is involved. Just today I decided to raise our flat fee from $425 to $500 to handle all BitTorrent plaintiffs except for Malibu. Given that it usually takes 2-3 weeks of back and forth to obtain the lowest possible settlement amount, I decided to increase our flat fee to $750 for Malibu cases. This is a decision we did not make lightly, given that many people are still struggling during the Great Recession. It will apply both to our settling and shield services, both of which you can read about at

However, we do want to issue a warning. Several firms out there seem to be charging $1,000 – $4,000 to settle these matters. Regardless of whether you choose to hire FirmEquity, please be sure to call around to find an attorney that charges $500 or less. There are plenty of options in that price range. Settling these matters does not require an amount of time that can justify a large flat fee. Charging high retainer fees to represent John Does, particularly the numerous innocent ones, compounds the injustice and injury that the copyright trolls inflict upon thousands of Does. If an attorney does want to charge you more than $500 to settle your BitTorrent case, ask them what additional value they provide than comparable attorneys who charge $500 or less.

If you are not able to afford $500 or $750 (for Malibu only), we can make a payment plan to spread the fee over several months. In cases of financial hardship, we will also offer our old rate of $425. Please don’t hesitate to ask about those options.

If you are involved in a BitTorrent download case, feel free to call me at 847-207-9064 or email me at Hope you are well.


The New FirmEquity Blog

Hello World! That is the phrase that launches the FirmEquity blog. Ben and I hope to write about an array of issues. We hope to not have the typical law firm blog that only discusses the boring issues related to our current practice. We plan to write about the broad legal challenges facing the future of America and the world. In particular, we are both interested in whether the law is applied equally to all members of society.

As always, if you’re interested in hiring a couple of Chicago attorneys, visit the FirmEquity homepage to learn more about us.